Father of the Groom Speech Template

Father of the Groom SpeechIn this article I decided to offer you a general template for the speech that you will give on the occasion of celebrating your son’s union with his lovely wife. Actually, this father of the groom speech template is useful for every person that has to deliver a wedding toast, because it can be adapted very easily for the oration of any other parent of a newlywed (the bridegroom’s mother or the bride’s mother or father).

Another thing that I would like to mention about this general template is that it is not a mandatory one, that is you can use any other template that you like. However, some sections of this template are highly recommended to be included in your speech (some of them not necessarily in the same location of the father of groom toast, but somewhere in the oration). Anyway, I will mention whenever you really ought to include a certain idea.

Groom’s Father Speech Template

About the template presented in this article it’s also useful to know that it is a general one, i.e. it presents only a generic structure of such a speech and the topics that should be included in the parts of this structure. If you want to find lots of complete, special and interesting templates, that have all the ideas already formulated (so that all you have to do to use them is to choose the groom’s father wedding speech template that you like the most and, of course, that suits your situation, and to replace the names of the newlyweds), you should read the resource that you can see on this website. This resource also contains helpful advice on how to create your toast, as well as dozens of quotes (on marriage and love, many of them being very funny) that you can insert into your speech.

Prior to beginning to detail this template, there is one last thing that I would like to point out to you about this template: it has a general structure that I’m sure it’s very familiar to every person that has ever been to school. More precisely, your father of the groom speech should follow the standard format: intro, body, ending, like the small essays you wrote as school exercises. This post only presents a few ideas for each of these three sections, because they are detailed in other posts of this website.

A brief introduction (of one or two short paragraphs) should open your toast. In the very first words of your intro, you ought to greet the persons who came to your son’s wedding reception. You can do that in a friendly way, by saying something like “Hi, everyone!”, or you can open your father of the groom wedding speech with a more formal greeting, like “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!”. Then, you should welcome the guests and thank them for deciding to come to your son’s marriage reception; you can do this in any part of your toast, but it’s important to not omit a warm welcome and thanks. A proper joke, poem or quotation are interesting alternative ways of opening your oration; if you opt for one of these, take care not to offend anyone!

The body of your speech must be its second part and it should be much greater than the first section, i.e. the intro of your father of groom toast. In this body you must necessarily welcome the bride (your son’s new wife) in your family, tell what are her qualities that you appreciate the most (or that impressed you the most, from the moment your son introduced her to you and your wife, the groom’s mother) and congratulate the bridegroom for his lovely partner. A short (and maybe funny) description of your son, that is the groom, as well as some advice for a successful marriage can also be included in the body of your oration.

The last part of your father of the groom speech, i.e. its ending, must contain blessings and a toast proposal for the newlyweds. Despite the fact that I mention this in the last paragraph of this article (that’s because I forgot to tell it from the beginning), it’s very important to know that your speech should have a main theme, i.e. all the topics that you choose to include in your toast ought to be related to the chosen principal theme. Also, don’t forget to make sure that your speech won’t last for more than five minutes. Other general tips for your wedding speech are covered in another article of this website.

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